The end of one year and the start of another is typically when our thoughts start to turn reflective about our work and home life. Some of the questions we begin to ask ourselves when it comes to our career may include: “are you where you want to be?”,  “Did the challenges of this year highlight that you’re not entirely happy in your current job?”, “Are you where you want to be in your career?”,  “Did you level up this year and want to flex your new skills in a role with more responsibilities and a higher salary?”, “Have you been toying with the idea of change and been dissuaded that now is not the right time?”

All of these thoughts will be going around in the minds of many employees. Even more so this year, after such significant shifts have happened in both our work and personal lives.


Here’s a look at how you can start planning now to take advantage of opportunities in 2023. 


1. Know What You Want For Your Career

It is of most importance to ask yourself what truly you want for your professional career. In most cases, Most people lie to themselves by not telling the truth about what they truly want to achieve. As a matter of fact, you should be bold enough to tell yourself what and what you want.

Focus on building additional skills set to your career. This will enable you to fit properly into any opportunity you come across. Research on your Profession, the necessary skills that fit it then proceed to learning everyone of them. Spend time and money if necessary.


2. Training And Development

Of course, the past years have not been easy for many firms, but employees must feel assured that their employer is invested in their development. Some firms were quick to adapt digitally and offer staff all of the help and support they needed to work from home successfully. But some other professions have not. Despite that, some firms have continued to train and develop their teams in all areas. Even we as a company has also helped trained our candidates to ensure they meet up with the modern system of operations in most companies. 


Are you regularly being supported and offered training and development in your current role, or has it been put on hold? If you feel that your employer is not providing you with substantial development opportunities, you may want to look out for a personal development plan and strategy. Invest in Self development so that when it’s time to get hold of opportunites in your career you won’t find it difficult.


3. Getting Your CV Updated

When looking for new opportunities, you will want to appear to prospective employers as the best candidate to be invited for the interview.  You can do this with some tweaks to your CV.

Think about what you can offer potential employers based on the challenges you have faced and the growth you have achieved this year.

Employers are looking for emotionally intelligent employees with a growth mindset who can flex. Demonstrate how you have overcome challenges this year in regards to your previous job, helping your employer as well as your colleagues through the challenges they faced; Growth and development you brought to your previous place of work. Digital skills and the willingness to learn are going to be essential in 2023 too, so ensure you learn a lot and add them to your resume.


In summary, Growth is essential to every business organization and what influences this growth are the members and staff of the Firm. It is practically important to grow your skills to stand the chance of better opportunities in the nearest future.

You can take advantage of our Skill Development Training Program anytime. Contact us today for more enquiries.



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