April 29, 2022
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Job Description

Accountants help businesses make financial decisions by collecting, tracking, correcting, and communicating the financial position of the company. They record transactions, compile and analyze data, perform audits, assist with budgets and financial forecasting, compute taxes, and report their findings to management and other entities.


1. Reconcile invoices and identify discrepancies.
2. Create and update expense reports.
3. Process reimbursement forms.
4. Prepare bank deposits.
5. Enter financial transactions into internal databases.
6. Check spreadsheets for accuracy.
7. Maintain digital and physical financial records.
8. Issue invoices to customers and external partners, as needed.
9. Review and file payroll documents.
10. Participate in quarterly and annual audits.

Requirements and skills:

1. Work experience as an Accounting Assistant or Accounting Clerk.
2. Knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures.
3. Familiarity with finance regulations.
4. Good math skills and the ability to spot numerical errors.
5. Must have knowledge of accounting software and operations.
6. Must be responsible.
7. Must be tech-savvy.