April 5, 2022
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Job Description

A Nursing Assistant, or a Nursing Aide, provides healthcare and support to patients in a medical facility. Their main duties include offering basic physical assistance to patients, feeding patients according to their dietary needs, and recording vital signs.

The role of an auxiliary nurse is to assist qualified nursing practitioners in administering care to patients. Auxiliary nurses are often referred to as health assistants. Auxiliary nurses require no academic qualifications, and the role can serve as a pathway to a career as a registered nurse.


1. Help patients use the bathroom.
2. Clean and bathe patients or residents.
3. Maintain patients’ hygiene and change bedding.
4. Turn, reposition and move patients between wheelchairs, seats, and beds.
5. Serve meals and help patients eat their food.
6. Measure vital signs like blood pressure and temperature.
7. Listen to patients regarding any health concerns they might have and report details to a Registered Nurse or Doctor.

Nursing Assistant skills and qualifications:

1. Excellent attention to detail.
2. Great written and verbal communication.
3. Ability to carefully read and follow directions.
4. Flexibility in work duties and schedule.
5. Good teamwork skills.
6. Ability to lift and move patients.
7. Good foundation of clinical skills and knowledge.