August 31, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

A Hospital is in need of a cashier, apart from handling the usual duties of a cashier, they also provide support to the hospital front desk by helping patients fill out admission forms and providing visitors and families with information regarding the facility’s services.

Since you might have to coordinate payments coming in from different areas of the hospital – such as the cafeteria and in-hospital pharmacy – you will also need to be a good coordinator.

Cash handling procedures and good people conduct are important in this work as you will be in constant contact with people.

Also, you will be in constant touch with insurance companies, so it is important to be pleasant and a “go-getter” so that you can efficiently follow up on insurance claims.

If you have had some training or background in handling accounting or financial duties (even if it is in another industry), you will be considered a good candidate for a hospital cashier job.