Farm Assistant

August 31, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

A firm is in need of a farm assistant whose duty is to work closely with the farmer and other farm employees to assist with planting, harvesting, washing, packaging, and cleaning fresh produce. Your responsibilities include helping with weeding, pruning, plant and soil maintenance, seeding, and more. If the farm has animals, you also help with feeding, watering, and moving livestock as needed. Some jobs require you to help get the products to market, which involves talking with customers and leading volunteers. Other duties include training and supervising interns and keeping accurate records of all farm operations, such as seeding and harvesting schedules, pest and diseases, and management history. As a farm assistant, you use a variety of hand tools and machinery to complete your tasks, so you should be familiar with basic agriculture equipment. He/she must have knowledge in a modern day poultry farm.