April 28, 2022
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Job Description

Legal executive

Legal advisors provide companies with guidance in matters relating to law. Within the construction industry, a legal advisor would assist with client contracts, draft legal documents and resolve disputes.

Legal Advisor duties and responsibilities
Some of the duties of a Legal Advisor include reviewing and negotiating contracts of daily operators, vendors, and companies.

Their main duties and responsibilities also include: 

1. Assisting Directors in implementing the firm’s visions, plans, and strategies as a whole. 
2. Maintaining the organization’s legal files and ensuring that the working practices are in accordance with its policies and regulations. 
3. Conducting their own cases and assisting other employees and partners in negotiating terms, representing, and advising their clients. 
4. Ensuring that services are provided on time and updating clients constantly on the progress and costs.
5. Providing legal services in a professional manner and adhering to the professional set of conduct by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
6. Developing strategies to match and beat the competition and providing the quality of service that clients require. 
7. Engaging with local communities, locals, and referrers to promote the firm. 
8. Providing correct, honest, and positive judgment at all times in the client’s best interests.

Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as a legal advisor include: 

1. Knowledge of legal matters.
2. Excellent communication skills.
3. Attention to detail.
4. Administration skills.
5. Good team working abilities.
6. Ability to use your initiative.