November 9, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

A General Manager, or GM, is responsible for running day-to-day operations at a business and guiding general business strategy. Their duties include overseeing hiring and scheduling staff, tracking cash flow and setting sales goals for their team.

General Manager duties and responsibilities
General Managers assist first-line managers to achieve their goals and also ensure that all teams within a unit are functioning well. Their specific duties and the scope of work of these professionals vary depending on the company and industry they work in, but may include:

Developing key performance goals and managing the performance of staff
Creating and implementing strategies for business growth
Hiring new staff within a department or business unit
Ensuring that departments or units deliver quality offerings to clients
Working closely with account managers and other senior staff to retain clients
Developing new solutions to meet client needs
Improving internal processes for better productivity
Overseeing large projects and interpreting performance reports
Managing the budget and monitoring the financial health of a location or business unit