April 4, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Quality control technicians are responsible for testing materials and finished products to ensure they conform to all applicable laws and company standards. Quality control technicians test products across the three stages of production (before, in-process, and final) to ensure quality levels are met. Quality control technicians work on a variety of products, including cars, computers, and food. The majority of quality control technicians work in manufacturing.

Quality control technicians do not need to have a formal education, but most have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some quality control technicians choose to pursue certification for quality control to improve employability, but it is not required. Quality control technicians need to have strong math and analytical skills.

Responsibilities for Quality Control Technician

1. Develop and maintain inspection reports
2. Ensure compliance with federal and state laws, as well as company standards and specifications.
3. Maintain calibration of quality control equipment.
4. Perform inspections across all stages of production.
5. Prepare and maintain test data for review.
6. Evaluate data and draft reports, noting any relevant deviations from existing standards.
7. Identify areas for quality control improvement and implement new methods accordingly.
8. Communicate quality or compliance concerns with urgency.

Qualifications for Quality Control Technician

1. A high school diploma or general education degree (GED) is required.
2. Solid understanding of test equipment.
3. Strong working knowledge of various mathematical concepts including fractions, ratios, and proportions.
4. Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds occasionally.
5. Specific vision abilities required include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.
6. Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
7. Excellent organizational skills.
8. 2-3 years working experience.
9. Demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret information.